No sleep

It’s 2am and I am still up.  I’d be happy about this, if I was painting models or doing something productive.  Sadly, it is just mundane issues of life that plague me and prevent sleep from coming.

So what is this all important crisis, that is keeping me from my bed? What to take for my 50 point lists, to the Tartan Brawl next month.  My problem, is that I  buy models I like; or at least used too.  Now though I am focussing on what I need, rather than what I like.  I think given the character restrictions, I might struggle with the 50 point lists.

My choice of Warcasters are – pDenny & eDenny, pGaspy, pGore, Scavvy, pSkarre and Morty.  Morty is out straight off, as I just don’t have the jacks to make it work properly.  pSkarre, I like; but would need to borrow models to make her work the best.  pGore, meh I like him for fun games; but not tournament.  That leaves Scavvy, pGaspy and the two Denny’s; god it makes it sound like an couple of 80’s comedy duos.

Suffice to say, I think I will need to start playing 50 point games; just to test out a few lists.  I am so not prepared for this, guess I should just stick to organising them.



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