Colossal, War Room & Heap

Yesterday, Privateer Press appeared to give the Warmachine/Hordes community a double geekgasm.  Announcing not one project, but a total of three; they are starting 2012 with a bang.

I’m going to start with Colossals, as frankly they are big news; in more the one sense of the word.  120mm based Warjacks, these brutes have been hinted at since Superiority days of Warmachine.  Watch the video to see, what I mean.

With Hordes ones in the works (hint of Troll Colossal, in the video right at the end), this is another new addition to the WM/H stable.

Perhaps it is appropriate, on the day they launch Colossals; they also launch their very own version; of a well-known military construction application.  Entitled War Room, it is the next level for a great and still used piece of software called iBodger.  I don’t think, there is one WM/H player; that hasn’t used iBodger as some point.  So with War Room, you get not only the great army construction functions; but also the ability to view any card or any faction.  This will allow players to instantly know, what X Model does; without having to ask for the card.  It will also possibly have full descriptions of the abilities (certainly on the cards anyway).  Now the app is free, which is good; as it comes with the boxset cards for all factions. The faction decks will cost, with a price quoted as $6.99.

Lastly was Heap, the new game for Bodgers.  Now, I have never played this, but from the description of Bodgers it sounds like a blast.  Might have to get some, just to let you all know what it is like.  Whatever happens, 2012 is looking to be another kick ass year of gaming and playing.

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