First tournament

Did you see the tumbleweeds, blowing through here?  Yea, I know been a bit of a ghost town recently.  However, I put that down to January Blues or at least can’t be assed with Christmas bullshit.

Now into February, things are getting back on track.  I have rearranged my painting desk and have just done the first tournament of the New Year.  I have to admit, that I wasn’t all that excited about this event.  That said, with 12 players booked up; it was a good start to the year.  It had been decided, that if the SR2012 rules had been finalised, we would be running those as the format.  To give you an idea of how prepared I was for this, I was cutting out 4″ templates at 11pm the night before.

Initially, it was to be a relaxed timed turn event; running 70 minutes with 7 minute turns.  Due to an error on my part (i.e. not checking my own info), the players ended up running 50 min with 5 minute turns.  After the first round, I asked them if they wanted to drop to 70 min; but they gamely played on at 5 minute turns.  On a whole it was a great day, with some interesting matches to watch.  Army of the day – eButcher, Doomreaver spam list.  Kevin Curran, despite the 5 minute turns; managed to claim third spot with this brutal army.  Best Player – Dave Paterson, who so narrowly missed out on a win; by 5 scrap thralls worth of points (1.66pts). He also took being Feat mauled, in the first game by eDenny; to lose the game on CP very well.

It’s going to be a challenge this year, keeping the momentum going from last year.  That said, I am now looking forward to the next event; which will be rapidly closing in.  So to close here are the winners and players

1. Alisdair Johnstone
2. Colin McNeil
3. Kevin Curran

4. Ross
5. Rikki
6. John Sinclair
7. Michael Dick
8. Barry Kelly
9. Dave Paterson
10. Jonathan Mitchell
11. James Stevenson
12. Irving Kerr Smith


4 thoughts on “First tournament

    • First off, good to see you still following the blog.

      Some of the players handled it really well, others struggled to adjust. Overall though, I found more games were won due to Scenario; than by caster kill. Which has been a big swing from last year, where 80% – 90% of games were won on Caster/Lock kill. As someone watching it, it was frantic and furious; there is certainly little time to check cards. There was a lot more ‘stop the clock’ going on, than previously; but I think that is a good thing. It will make players more responsible, for learning their factions; knowing what the stats are.

      • At my group I tried to encourage giving accelerated turns a try last year (we normally play casual games under relaxed timed turns). There was a lot of resistance at first so I didn’t push it. Just focused on the people more open to it. Now, while relaxed times are still the default its become almost common place for the last game of the night to run accellerated so as to get another 50 point game in instead of droppping to 35-25 points.

        I think of time like oil, give a person 5 minute turns and they’ll need 5 minutes, give them 7 for the same turn and they’ll need ten.

      • It is a difficult balance, as you will always find those that prefer something different. The tournaments this year, are going to mix it up a lot. Next one is going to be 35pt, Divide and Conquer; with 2 lists. I had thought about 4 lists, one list per round. Problem with that, is that not everyone has 4 casters; or that many character models for 4 lists. Though the way to get around that, is to drop the character restrictions. For both player and TO, it is going to a different kind of year. I’m looking forward to my first full year as a PG.

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