Skirmish 2012

It seems very little time, that I was talking about this last year.  Yet already the plans are in full swing for 2012, which is looking to be bigger than anything seen here so far.  The interest generated last year, despite short-term ‘marketing’ was incredible.  People left wanting more, so this year we are giving them more; by the bucket load.

It is being called ‘Scotland Biggest Participation Event’, which basically means it won’t be a demo show like many events already held in Scotland.  To this end, there has already been confirmed –

It was great that Livingston Battleground, the wargaming club organising Skirmish; were able to work out a deal to extend the opening time.  Last year, we had to be out by about 5.30pm; this year we have until 7.30pm.  This has allowed me to increase the point size, as well as increase the potential numbers.  This could help to bring in players, who prefer larger points value tournaments.

My initial plan this year was to expand on last year gradually; as I am not sure what kind of distance people would travel for this.  However, if players from England or further afield wanted to come that would be awesome.  With more time to prepare, I already have plans in the works for better trophies (though last years were fantastic); plus  something a little different for this year.

Don’t panic though, Skirmish 2012 is to held on 20th October 2012.  So you have plenty of time, on the other hand; my head is abuzz with ideas that seem daunting to say the least.  Whatever happens, WM/H in Scotland will be firmly planted on the PP tournament map this year.

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