#sopa #pipa

Despite the black out, bloggers like me can still makes posts on our blogs; you the reader just can’t see them for the time being.

This lunacy is the product of a dictatorship of American companies, who have for decades been bleating on about lost profits; due to pirate sites like Pirate Bay.  This is utter bullshit and greed, if they were so hard up; they would be out of business long before now.  The music industry alone is worth billions, the film industry is worth billions.  So they approached the American senate, asking for a bill to be passed that would effectively shut down and prosecute anyone who breaches Copyright or Intellectual Property rights.

Wait a second, under PIPA that means I would liable too.  Take a look down the side of my blog, all those logos of companies that I support; by buying and playing their games.  All those sites, that I help to send my readers to view their site; that is why I would be prosecuted.  The under PIPA, the disclaimer that I have for Privateer Press; is meaningless even with PP’s blessing I could be prosecuted.

Ok this is an extreme example, but you only have to look at the history of this lunacy; to see innocent people are the ones hurt most by stupidity like this.  The internet should remain free, open and available to everyone; not just those who pay for the privilege.  Why has this even come about? All because some CEO in his fancy swank office, decided there wasn’t enough money in his bank account.  Well done Screwed McFuck, you just shut down the information super highway.


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