2011 TGN Readers Choice Awards

As a member of this great site, I thought I would let everyone know about their awards.  This year there are 7 categories, which cover all aspects of Tabletop gaming.

You will need to sign up to the Forums, before you can nominate. However, if there is a game/model/accessory; that you feel deserves recognition this is a good time to do it.

2011 TGN Readers Choice Awards

My nominations for this will be as follows –

  • Sci-fi Model – I’ve not played or bought anything, so will miss this one out.
  • Fantasy Model – Lord Exhumator Scaverous.  Wtf? I hear you cry.  Well to be honest, I didn’t like any of the Battle Engines. Most people like the Celestial Fulcrum, which I agree out of them all is ok; with perhaps the Storm Strider the peoples 2nd choice.  For me, Scaverous was the most unique model from both Wrath and Domination.  That is why he stands out for me.
  • Alternate Fantasy – Kirai Ankoku.  Malifaux to me is Alternate Historical Timeline, much in the same vein as Cyberpunk is an alternate future RPG.
  • Historical – Don’t play, no idea
  • Terrain and/or Accessory – Another one I won’t need.
  • Rules or Expansion – Hordes: Domination.
  • Vehicle – I’d nominate my car, but I don’t quiet think that would count.  So another one I will leave.

Got any other suggestions, then follow the link and get nominating.

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