The Hairy Caber

Dripwel Quest, with his comments; has reminded me of why I started this blog.  I hate to say this, but The Hairy Caber isn’t for your benefit; it’s for mine.  You see, I have a very bad memory and need something to keep me focused.

The Hairy Caber does this, by making me feel I have to post something; as often as possible.  Be it a model I am building, painted models I have just completed; or the case of Malifaux recently so I can vent/own personal thoughts.  If you follow this blog, you will note that I don’t give advice; unless there is a solution that I have found works for me personally.  I don’t do reviews of models and I don’t do tactics for any game.  The reason for this, is that there are other sites/blogs for that; with better resources and connections.  Even if I had those, I still wouldn’t do it; as I did that with Shotgun or Grapple.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that you question me Dripwel; you make me evaluate why I said those things.  However I will stand by the advice I gave, despite your claim I ‘inadvertently’ told people not to take up WM/H.

And your wrong, about the advice I would give about WM/H.  My biggest piece of advice to any prospective WM/H player, don’t walk into it; expecting one single model to be all singing and dancing super-duper powerful.  That is not how it works in WM/H, there is always a synergy needed to make that one model good.  However 99% of the time, there is a counter model/tactic to that ‘very good model’; so don’t expect it to work every single time.

I started off saying this blog is for my benefit, over the months that I have been doing it; people had read it and comment on it.  To all those people, a big thank you.  If we don’t question the things in our life, then we never find the right answers.  Keep questioning me, keep questioning yourself and most important – Have Fun.  Happy New Year everyone.


2 thoughts on “The Hairy Caber

  1. Since you’ve transferred the comments to a separate thread I’ll reply here instead of there.

    It still stands, the exact same things that lead you to dismiss Malifaux are the same ones to dismiss Warmachine/Hordes. It’s cool that you have a double standard, play what you want, there is no reason needed ultimately. But when you say silly things like what you did or are, e.g. in the second paragraph you say you don’t give advice in this blog, but then in the third you claim to stand by the advice you give and later go on to give more. Indeed the advice you give about wm/h is the very same you should have followed regarding your Kirai/Pandora issue.

    In addition, there was no parting shot in that post, please do not try to twist what I said into a personal attack. I’ve been reading your blog for the better part of a year now. I think around the time you were complaining about the process for becoming a Press Ganger and how you we “done” with that. It’s fairly evident you are smarter than that.

  2. I think I stated, even in the original post; that this applied to ALL games. That is the part you are missing, nor was I excluding WM/H; just because I am a PG. As for advice, I give opinions based on my own experiences. I do not post up reams of information, saying people should buy this model or that model. I don’t state this tactic worked and you should all try it. I am neither conceited enough to believe I should give it, nor even be interested in giving that kind of advice to players. I don’t even do reviews per se, as like everything in life; it is all subjective to the individual.

    Given subsequent posts, I think it would be clear that I am not abandoning Malifaux. I am just not making it my main focus, nor would it have ever been; given my position; plus we have a local Henchman David ( Yes I was disgruntled, yes I blogged about that dissatisfaction and perhaps it did come across as whiny. If I hadn’t done it, it would have gnawed at me and may well have made things worse. As it is, the league David has created will be starting on Saturday and I will most likely blog about my first competitive game of Malifaux.

    Thank you for the compliment, both the fact that you have been reading that long (Aug/Sept) and thinking I am smarter than I appear. Honestly, there are times I feel like a dumb clutz; like just now trying to think of an apology. So what it’s worth, I’m sorry; emotions sometimes get the better of me

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