RIP #Malifaux

No, Wyrd haven’t shut down or died; though they have lost me as a dedicated player.  Those of you who follow this blog know, I initially bought the Kirai crew; mostly because I loved the models (yes pictures soon).

Played a couple of games, got the feel of her and liked it.  Later found out, in the starter box; she has less than half of the models she needs.  No extra Seishin, no Gaki; even though spells and abilities allow her to generate them.  That to me is like cutting my arm off, then trying to grow it back again.  Next up Viktoria’s starter, now to be fair I do like this crew; of all the ones I have seen or played.  However, the coup de grace of this whole thing; is Pandora specifically the Pacify/Incite (0) Action.

For Warmachine players, think of pGaspy or any caster/lock with Teleport; doing the following in one activation.  Walk them forward within 12″ of an enemy model, for free you get to do 1 point of damage; if you beat their ARM.  If you do, you get to move another 4″; but you also stop that model from activating until all models have activated.  As Pacify was successful, you can use it again.  Oh look you’re within 12″ of another enemy model, hit them with the same thing.  Now cast Self Loathing, add another POW * + 1 (POW of best melee weapon +1 for failed Wp resist dual) damage roll to that; as they hit themselves with their own weapon. Move another 4″, hit another model; this time with Dementia (Command Check 13+ is needed to activate); plus they take 1 damage for failing the Pacify duel and 1 for Dementia failed Wp resist duel.

Not finished yet, as Pandora is a Casting Expert, she gets to cast a spell for free.  So back to the move 4″, hit another model with Pacify; success so lets cast something different just to really make the game fun for my newbie opponent.  Hit them with Trapped in Your Own Nightmare, now all your models without Fearless (immunity to Abomination); with 12″ (not 6″) have to make a command check.  In the case of Viktoria’s crew, that would be all but Taelor.  Oh and just to finish this off, as you won a Wp duel with Pacify; you get to move 4″ again.  Yay, now it’s my opponents activation again. Who hopefully by now is crying salty bitter tears of frustration, as there is nothing they can do to counter it.

Remember these crews are straight out of the box, no additional models should be needed to beat this Pandora crew.  Yet the advice given to me on the forums, was buy this model or switch to another Crew; or even just space the models out more.  Really, on a 3′ x 3′ board; how far should I leave between 6 models if I need 12.1″ to be safe?  At best, Malifaux will be a once a year game for me now.  My friend Mark mistakenly called it right, in error he called it Malifux; I seem to agree with him right about now.

6 thoughts on “RIP #Malifaux

  1. I think you’re being unfair to Pandora here. She’s certainly not the only Master that can have a complicated activation. Take Kirai for example! This is a quite common activation for her.
    1. I pull back 1 Seishin to Kirai at the end of your Activation
    2. I eat it to get 2 cards and fast
    3. I into the Spirit World with Kirai which makes me a Spirit
    4. I summon Ikiryo out 6″ of my position.
    5. I Sooth Spirit myself to heal some of the cost to summon Ikiryo.
    6. I swap Kirai with a Seishin as she’s now a Spirit to get her out of danger.
    7. I pull the Seishin back to me, to get it out of danger at the end of the activation.

    Compared to
    1. I charge Viktoria at you
    2. I hit them again

    Yes, some models are more complex than others (Pandora included). Yes, Malifaux is more complex than Warmachine. You don’t seem willing to accept these two points.

    Lastly, you neglected to mention that at any point in her trail of destruction you have described, that she can be resisted. She doesn’t cast everything with irresistible force. In fact she’s very vulnerable to a well timed Pacify resist getting her stranded. You make it sound like you didn’t have a control hand to cheat with.

    My advice though; Go back to Kirai.


    • From your second comment, I accept I was wrong in that. Having re-read it, it states loses Terrifying, but that model treats others as if they had Terrifying ->12. I also note the negative flip, for Self Loathing; which wasn’t played correctly yesterday.

      I take all your points, but the point is not activations; it’s power progression. How does it look to a new player, when there is seemingly this invincible model (Pandora, Hamlin, etc); with no way to beat it. The three pieces of advice I was given from the Wyrd forums – Space the models more*, Buy more models or buy another crew. I mean seriously, this is for a starter set; that is the advice to beat it? I’d lose my PG status, if I suggested that to anyone on the PP forums. Not that I would need too, given each boxset is designed specifically NOT to need those kinds of answers.

      You think WM/H is less complex, interesting. As I found Malifaux rules easier to pick up, it’s just much more ‘Round the Houses’ to get the result. I certainly didn’t ignore the fact, that you can resist the WP checks. Have you looked at the average Wp of any Crew? It’s about 6, some even as low as 4 (Gremlins). Unless it’s going against an enemy Master, your average model is going to lose a Wp duel against Pandora. Here is why, Pandora can cheat fates twice; Cheating Fates and Burning a Soulstone. Ok I take it to the extreme, as there is a limit to soulstones; but again this is from the viewpoint of a new player.

      As for your Kirai, great advice…..oh wait there is only one Seishin in the starter box. Remember I am a new player, picking up the first box I liked. To make it work as you describe, I will have to buy more models Seishin. Malifaux is not a game to be just picked up and played, with a level playing field between starter boxes. My advice to anyone, don’t get into this; if your like me – buy models you like/impulsive. Best thing to do, is visit the forums and then decide on a Crew based on your research.

      In my position, I’m not going to throw money at a problem; just to make the game even remotely workable for the crews I have. Malifaux was always going to be secondary to Warmachine/Hordes, so I’ll just collect when I can afford/feel like buying.

      * We play on 4’x4′ tables, with 12″ deployment making it a 2’x 4′ “live playing area”. I could potentially deploy and keep each model 12.1″ from each other, but how much fun would that be for my opponent. All it would look like, is that Pandora is chasing me around the board for 6 turns.

      • I accept your point on the starter boxes – some definitely do work best straight out the box than others. To me that’s not an issue, just something to be taken into consideration when buying. I’d always start a new game with the expectation that I’d need to buy more models to expand my starter. The Warmachine boxes may be better balanced, but to me that’s a symptom of the Casters being quite similar. All the boxes have a leader, a heavy Jack and a couple of lighter jacks or minions. My favourite thing about Malifaux is the wildly different themes and mechanics of each master. Take Nicodem, whose main strength/theme comes through being able to summon any undead model – his starter box is well underpowered as a result.

        Re: facing Pandora – don’t get fixated on the advice about spacing out your crew. It’s terrible advice, as you’ve noticed. Better advice would be to not let her see your models, advance in cover, etc. That way her mobility goes down to a 6″ walk and much reduced offense. By the sounds of your description it seems like she had LOS to your entire crew, and therefore you didn’t have enough terrain. Malifaux needs a *very* terrain dense board.

  2. Oh and I think you’re playing Trapped in your own Nightmares very very wrong! It doesn’t do anything like what you described.

    One model ONLY, takes terrifying duels ONLY if it’s within the melee range of a friendly model. There’s no 12″ pulse, and it’s effect is limited.

    Self Loathing also always hits at a negative flip, so the hit to yourself is diminished (admittedly not much help with Viks having higher relative weak damage)

    Things always sound so much worse when exaggerated, or played incorrectly.


  3. Strange that the advice you give:

    “Malifaux is not a game to be just picked up and played, with a level playing field between starter boxes. My advice to anyone, don’t get into this; if your like me – buy models you like/impulsive. Best thing to do, is visit the forums and then decide on a Crew based on your research.”

    Because if you switch the words Warmachine for Malifuax and List for Crew it would be equally true. The starter boxes in wm/h are pretty much garbage also . . . two agus, two cyclops savages? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cryx player with that many jack in one list (Mort excepted) let along those particular jacks if they didn’t want to play a garbage list. I’m sorry but your whole post comes off as ignorant and whinny.

    It seems strange that a Warmachine/Hordes Press Ganger would indirectly give advise to not start up Warmachine.

    • I’m sorry, you appear to have missed some of the other pieces of advice; when quoting myself back to me. I take it your comments are just your opinions only, and not those shared by the wider Malifaux and/or gaming community? Might I suggest you check out some of my Cryx lists, you may wish to retract that statement about the number of Jacks. Once again, people make assumptions, based on hearsay and meta of their local group; then take this as cannon law across the board. Not all players are power gamers, not all players will follow the forum lists like sheep; I most certainly never do what everyone expects others to do. So making a broad sweeping statement like that, is a little ill-informed and may show ignorance of the local scene or indeed an individual player. For what it is worth, I play for fun; even with a ‘garbage’ list if need be.

      As for your parting shot, the advice I gave applies to any game, no matter who makes it – Research the game first, before you buy it. Get a demo of the game, if you can from someone like a Henchman or Press Ganger. The piece of advice you missed or ignored, was ask others; be it on forums or volunteers like Henchman. I have taken this as a lesson, moved on and will soon be taking part in the Malifaux league; because of the very post you seem to think is ‘whiny and ignorant’.

      Thanks for the comments, come back again.

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