Figures in Comfort

Well it’s Boxing Day and I have just finished transferring my models to the new case.  I am very pleased with the case, made of hard-wearing material and not in an insipid/boring camouflage or army green colour like other makers of carry bags.  Figures in Comfort offer good quality, which is comparable; if not better than many others.

The tray setup I got was

  • 1 x 4c (25mm infantry, 70mm deep)
  • 1 x 5c (40mm infantry, 70mm deep)
  • 2 x 22c (Large Models)

Now I have only just filled one of the Large Models tray, the other is empty at the moment.  Not a problem, I will be looking to add more warbeasts/jacks in the new year.  My problem, is the 70mm depth of the infantry trays.

It is just too deep for models like Mechanithralls, which is evident when you can stand up a Bane Thrall in the slot.  Not a major problem, it was just one of not know what I needed.

Medium bases were just the same, though for things like the Bloodgorgers; this was compounded by weapons.  The reason for this, is trying to push the model into the bottom, the weapons would scrape and scratch the sides.  These guys fitted best, stood on their heads in the slot; though some like pGaspy fit snug in the slot.

Putting the beasts and jacks in to the larger tray, wasn’t a problem; though the Deathjack did take up the *whole* slot.

Other than the tray setup, this was just the present I needed and wanted.   Come the New Year, I’ll be looking to get some 35mm trays for the infantry and my expanding Malifaux models. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone looking for good quality, fast service and very good customer service.  Even my cat thinks the company is great and aptly named, though she thinks the company should be changed to Felines in Comfort…….


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