Christmas Day

Well despite having only 5 hours sleep, I am bright eyed this morning.  This has nothing to do with presents or Santa, this is because I have just realised; New Year is going to be busy.

5am Christmas Eve, I was still assembling Satyxis Raiders.  I had already done the Sea Witch and Legion Forsaken.  So now, I have this lot to paint –

There is a full Viktoria’s Crew for Malifaux, eDenny, Forsaken, full Satyxis unit + Sea Witch and Raider Sea Capt.  What the photo doesn’t include, is Withershadow Combine, Legion of Everblight Warpack (pLylyth, Carnivean, 4 x Shredders), Kallus (Legion Warlock) and Khador Battlegroup (pSorcha, Juggernaut & Destroyer).  I make that a total of 32 models, that I have acquired/bought in the last month. Which given my OCD on using unpainted models, will be painted before the end of January (hopefully).  Most likely the Cryx stuff first, as I really want to get using the Satyxis asap.  So on that note, Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a good day.


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