Dundee Report

Well despite cold conditions, road works and petrol panic; I made it up to Dundee and back.  I’d left early, or what I thought was on time for 10am registering for the event.  As it turned out, I had about an hour till kick off; so took the opportunity to make necessary preparations – visit the 24hr Clarks Bakery for breakfast.  Suitably girded for the titanic battles ahead, I got my Trollkin lists ready.

List 1

  • pMadrak
  • Dire Troll Blitzer
  • Troll Impaler
  • Greygore Boomhowler & Co
  • Cylena Rafyll & Nyss Hunters
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl

List 2

  • pGrissel
  • Dire Troll Blitzer
  • Troll Impaler
  • Slag Troll
  • Greygore Boomhowler & Co
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl

In hindsight, I would have dropped the Slag Troll and kept the Nyss Hunters. Being a Cryx player, I haven’t bought as many Trollkin as I need to compete well.  The lack of Trollblood units, seriously crippled me; especially at times like Madrak’s feat turn.  Overtake on a unit of Trollkin Champions, is brutally devastating; as I witnessed yesterday.

First game was against Circle, Teir 1 eKaya list.  I’d faced and seen this kind of list before, so knew what to expect.  Running Gauntlet scenario, it was just a matter of stalling my advance; then rushing eKaya on the ‘pull back’ on her feat turn.  Sadly, on the Assassination run; with Madrak’s feat just triggered….dice down was called.  Having already hit Kaya with Lanyssa’s Ice Bolt on a critical, she wasn’t going anywhere next turn; even if she could move out of Madrak’s or the Blitzer’s charge ranges next turn.  I won the game, through tertiary conditions (Models in Control Zone).

Despite being a Hordes event, there was 3 Warmachine players.  These were players new to the game, who did well for starting out with their first tournament.  I mention this, as my next opponent (Sion Bayliss) was playing Cygnar.  eCaine with ATGM, Black 13th, Trenchers and an Ironclad/Journeyman WC.  I seriously do hate Cygnar with a passion, as by turn 3 I had just Madrak and the Impaler left on the board.  Turn 4 was the crucial moment, as Madrak had been busted up and used his Grindar’s Scroll.  My opponent, left me an opening of feating and then Overtaking all the way to eCaine.  I would like to make it clear, this should have been victory to Sion.  I had successfully Overtaken 2 ATGM + 2 Black 13th, when I was under the impression that I was outside Reach range of Caine.  Someone pointed out, that there was one Black 13th left; in range which would let me move the 1″ I needed.  Competitiveness, blindness to others feelings or whatever the poor excuse I want to use; I took that step and assassinated Caine.

I admit now, that I don’t feel good about taking that last step and claiming assassination victory.  Mistake was mine, so should learn from it; that I exhaust all options before declaring my turn over/give up.  Third game was against the eventual winner, Michael with his Legion.  Having run Madrak twice already, I decided to run Grissell for a change of pace. 2nd Mistake of the tournament.  I had been playing well with Madrak, I’d gotten a feel for his abilities.  So to switch, was an error I paid for with a loss.  I can’t feel too bad, as noted Michael did win the event.

Last game was Trolls on Trolls, specifically a Madrak match-up.  Facing proper trolls, in the shape of Champions, Fennblades (I think) and a Mauler. It was a lesson in what I will be looking to buy in 2012, when I get a chance between buying Legion and Cryx.  Overall it was a great day, got to meet some new players and a chance to play in a tournament for a change.  Big thanks to everyone who came along, as well as Gary at Highlander Games for hosting the event.

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