Painting Backlog

It seems that at this time of year, I get a backlog of models to paint.  Last year, was in some ways good; with the tons of snow.  This year, I don’t have the excuse to paint.

In the last 3 days, I have finished painting the last two Bushido models.  I have also got a good start on Kirai crew for Malifaux, with Kirai herself 90% completed in about 8 hours.  Problem is, I had intended leaving her to last; as I wasn’t sure of the colours I wanted.  As it is, I am really pleased with how she is turning out.  A few hours tomorrow, should have her finished completely; with just the basing to do.

My goal this week, is to have at least half the Kirai crew painted; with the rest over the weekend.  Next week, is Viktoria’s Crew; with perhaps Epic Denny getting some paint as well.


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