Heresy Miniatures

In 2009, Andy Foster owner and sculptor for Heresy Miniatures; started a project that has turned into more than anticipated.  He ambitiously started a dragon project, that was a monster (The Dragon)

4 years on, this is still a WIP; with many issues with casting and recasting required.  Andy has stopped taking orders for the model, as there is continuing problems to iron out.  That doesn’t mean some customers haven’t already got their model, some have been made and will be unique in more ways than just limited numbers.

However, there seems to be someone out there; with a grudge against Andy personally or Heresy as a business.  If you see postings like this on any forum; ignore it.  Terracognita, seems to have a crusade going that he thinks Andy is defrauding his customers.  That he intentionally and with purpose, set out to steal people’s money.  Andy Foster and Heresy, have been straight with every single customer; since 2009 making it plain and clear that this was a one time WIP project.  I have no doubts Andy will fulfill the 200+ orders he has for this dragon, while trying to keep the excellent service of Heresy Miniatures going through this tough economic and financial time.

To Andy, don’t let this idiot put you off; the product is sound and your customers know you will honour your end of the deal.  To Gamers, take a look at Heresy Miniatures; they are a small business with some fantastic models for all genre’s of gaming.


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