One of the things that I learned recently, is that PG’s aren’t infallible.  Essentially, we may not know all the rules; but know the essential ones.  In teaching or demonstrating the game, the rules are something that gets overlooked; certainly when I do it.

My demo style is more like a walkthru, where I will lead the player through the motions of learning.  One of the first mistakes I made, in my first demo; was information overload.  Adding in tactical tips, is another thing I avoid; as that just confuses the issue.  It is also pointless, as they may not start with the factions you demo (Cryx v Mercs, is my demo boxes); so giving tips on those is worthless to them (at that moment).

So turn 1, Focus/Fury and Movement; are the basics you need to learn.  Ignore the cards, as there isn’t much other than SPD and Focus/Fury you need just now.  Turn 2 Combat, Charging and Boosting.  This is the turn that will take the longest, depending on the player. I’ve not mentioned Magic, as this is something that will overload them; especially when you have synergies of spells to consider.  Turn 3, is everything in Turn 1 and 2 combined; with some hints or guidance should they be needed.  Turn 4, start to set up the end game; where they gain victory through Caster Kill.

I used to think throwing the game was unfair to the new player, but there is a learning opportunity which is vital in WM/H.  Unless your Caster is Karchev, you don’t want to be near combat; unless absolutely necessary.  So to learn this, you make them kill your Caster/Warlock; to show what happens – i.e. Game Over.  There is also the added bonus, from them winning their first game; that they may be more inclined to try again.

Overall, the game should be enjoyable and fun.  If that isn’t achieved, then something has gone wrong somewhere.


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