Thar she blows…..

No, I am not painting pirates for my Cryx army; this is about the weather.  Last year, it was that S word that brought Scotland to a standstill; today it is hurricane force winds.  Scotland has been issued with a 100mph+ wind warning, which judging by the whistling outside; is about right.

Thankfully I am now tucked up, nice and warm; while painting some models.  The first up is one of the final models, to the Bushido boxset that I got a couple of months ago.

I still have the leader (Hiro Takashi), to do; but I wanted to paint something other than green for a change.  My recent experience of painting for the Breast Cancer Brawl, gave me some ideas for the Dire Troll Blitzer.

Still a WIP, but shouldn’t be too much longer.  Painting pink, was something I had never done before; as it is not a colour I would normally use.  Having seen how nice it looked, I figured it would be a great compliment; to my purple trolls.  So now I have a blue Slag Troll and a pink Dire Troll Blitzer; now what colour should I paint Mulg?


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