Christmas is Done

Yep, the epic journey that is Christmas shopping has been completed.  Starting way back in June, we collect presents along the way, for the whole family.  Technically we still have our daughter in Canada, but we have already agreed to Amazon vouchers; which she can get what she wants.

After much bullying of my family, I have just ordered my Figures in Comfort bag.  It may only be one present, but it will be the best present I could get this year.  With the explosion of models I have had this year, I am seriously struggling to keep what I have; in good condition.  The other practical side of it, is that I can take (I think); my whole collection in the one bag now.  That isn’t just the Cryx, but also my Trolls and Mercs.  So while I know it’s coming, I also know it is the one thing that I wanted most this year.  So a big, big, big thank you to my parents who helped with half the money.


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