Lucky Dip Event

We recently had the Bitter Conflict event, which was a fantastic day.  Normally I wouldn’t have run an event in December, but I thought I would throw together a small fun tournament called the Lucky Dip event; which will be this Sunday (11th December)

We have gained some new players in the area, so looking to get them interested in the tournaments; can be hard.  However make it fun and different, while trying to level the playing field is a great way imo.

So how will it work –

  • 25pt Army
  • 5pts of Reinforcements
  • 1 List
  • Before deployment, you swap your army for your opponents.
  • SR2011, with some SR2012 scenarios just to add to the fun.

Prizes will be given out for random things, so could be best Caster kill; worst list to play with/against.  It could also be something even more random like a roll of the dice, that is the whole point of it being called a Lucky Dip event.


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