Top 5 – Retro Games

Seeing as I had to justify my top 5 authors, I’ll keep this to games released on either PC, Atari or Amiga, with perhaps a Megadrive game thrown in.  These are also games that kept me amused for months…..never mind days.

  1. Elite
  2. X-Com
  3. Wizardry Series (9 in all I think)
  4. Test Drive (Need For Speed, the illegitimate child)
  5. Dungeon Master

Honourable mentions for Golden Axe, Sonic and Shinobi

2 thoughts on “Top 5 – Retro Games

    • I’ve always been a sucker for strategy games, with good tech tree advancement. Civilisation might have got a mention in this list as well, for the same reason. I also used to love the Tycoon games (Rollercoaster, Railroad, etc), the thought of playing a FPS just bores me right away.

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