Maelok Done

He was actually finished on Sunday, but I haven’t had the energy to do much this last couple of days.  A combination of the tournament (tiring), bad news and emotional troubles; has made this weekend a rollercoaster affair.

Now the person I was painting this model for, is none other than Jon Webb.  Some of you will know him, if you listen to Boosted Damage podcast; while others from the general WM/H scene.  No disrespect to Jon, but I wasn’t aware of his background as a professional painter; or who I was painting for.  So on learning this, I now totally feel inadequate to the levels that he is used to painting.  However, this venture wasn’t about skill; it was about bringing Press Gangers together for fun.

I have been a PG for all of 3 months now, but in that time I have seen why the Press Gang are well-respected in the gaming industry.  It all starts with Privateer Press, who provide a fantastic support system for them to do their job.  It’s not about the previews, the points for tournaments or the occasional special gift.  It’s about the fact that you can email someone directly at PP, getting an answer within 24 hours.  Any problems, get dealt with quickly and to the benefit of the community.  PP also make the PG’s feel like they are part of the ‘PP Family’, never treating them like cogs that are only need for one thing – promoting the game.

So the Press Gangers themselves, what makes them special?  While each of them has their own unique traits or personalities, they are all there for the Gang.  Words of advice, pointers and just general banter; as well as exchanging ideas and models occasionally.

Each year the PG’s do a painting exchange, where they sign up to paint a model for fellow Press Ganger.  Kind of like a Secret Santa, you can sometimes not know what you are getting.  In this case, I worked out with Jon; what I would paint for him – Maelok the Dreadbound.

Here is a small glimpse of the finished article, it wouldn’t be fair to Jon to reveal it all to you; before he has the model in hand.

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