Life imitating art

Yesterday, was the Bitter Conflict event at Worlds at War.  The weather, in an attempt to mimic the struggles that ensued; was stormy, dark and gale force. Not that we worried about that, we were nice and cozy indoors; playing Warmahordes.

Starting earlier than normal, the event kicked off about 10:30am; with 14 players managing to make it through the horrid weather.  With players coming as far afield as Aberdeen, it was an honour as well to run the event with fellow PG’s Steamworks and Frazerpenman playing in it.  Played over 4 rounds, the 50pt accelerated times turns event was great fun and I want to thank everyone who came, to make it a great event for the WM/H community as well as celebrate the shops anniversary.

Thanks also to Frank, who has provide such great support to the WM/H community both here in West Lothian and beyond.  The facilities he has created in the last year, has been awesome; doubling the number of spaces available in the last year. It was a close contest, with the final table coming down to Jim and Michael Murray.

1. Jim Lawrence
2. Andy Palmer
3. Michael Murray

4. Michael Dick
5. Frazer Penman
6. Marty Shaw
7. Kevin Curran
8. Steve McConnachie
9. Scott Burry
10. David Finlay
11. James Stevenson
12. Tom Young
13. John Sinclair
14. Jonathan Mitchell

Big thanks to everyone again, hope to see you all next time in January 2012.  Lots more photo’s of the event can be found here – Bitter Conflict 2011


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