Bitter Conflict @ Worlds at War

This Saturday sees the anniversary WM/H event at Worlds at War.  The 50pt SR2011, will be the biggest attendance since I started running tournaments at the shop.  With potentially 16 players coming, it is going to be a tight squeeze; but I am sure we will manage.

Trying to make it different, we will be using the Divide and Conquer condition; where a player has 2 lists and uses both twice.  Also going for Accelerated Timed Turns, so instead of 100 minutes; players get 80 minutes.  I know from previous 35pt events, this shouldn’t make the day any longer.  Prizes this time around, will be a copy of Domination for the winner and the usual gift certificates for other placed players.  I am also thinking about adding some spot prizes again, as this is of course a special event.

In other news, we are still playtesting the SR2012 rules; plus I have finally finished Maelok the Dreadbound.  It will be shipped on Monday to the lucky recipient; who I am hoping will like it.

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