Busy Weekend

With it being the Worlds at War Demo Weekend, this has been a busy time for me.  It’s not been helped by a bad case of stomach upset.

That aside, I just have time this morning to update on Maelok; before I head down to Worlds at War for the second day.  Base has been done, it’s onto priming and painting him.  I had no real idea of what I wanted to do as a scheme, though I did want to give him an undead ‘Cryxian’ feel.  Part of this, is that the person I am painting him for, also plays Cryx; so hopefully it will match in well with his Cryx army too.  Here he is ready and primed, those of you familiar will note I use a pair of lockable forceps.  This isn’t always the most ideal, but I find it more comfortable to hold; than a plastic top or something similar.

Using GW Scab Red, I paint the exposed areas between the ribs and also the muscle fibres.

At this stage, being neat isn’t a priority; but keeping it within the general area helps.  I used to be fastidious about being neat and tidy before, with time and lots of practice I have gotten to the point that I don’t need to be as ‘careful’.

My initial idea for this eye, was to have it look like it had been gouged out of the socket.  The only thing remaining, would be the eerie glow of necrotic powers; emanating from within.  It’s coming along, but still a WIP.

Gator skin is a right royal pain to paint, if the paint is not thinned enough.  If you don’t thin the paint, it won’t slide into the groves between plates.  I chose an Vallejo Golden Olive shade for the base,  which I would later use GW Thraka Green to wash over the top.

As you will see, I am still not tidy; but I am not just slapping it on either.  He has progressed a little more from the last photo; but I have been too busy to take the photos or even paint.  More to come, so watch this space.


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