Remembrance Day 11/11/11

You are probably wondering where the Red Poppy is, well I don’t agree with them; never have done never will.  Red poppies are for the bloodshed by soldiers, that to me is just wrong.  If all we remember is the blood shed, we are missing the point of why we want to remember them.  Here is my reason for remembering them, in my own personal way.

Today is a day to remember those lost, fallen and killed in the wars that politics and religion start.  It’s a simple fact that war kills innocent people, whether they have a gun in their hand or a bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. So I remember not just the soldiers of this country, but for every country that has lost family members.  They died fighting in a war or conflict doing a duty they felt duty bound to fulfill.  I remember my Grandfather, fighting in World War II; who was one of the lucky ones to come through safe and well.  I remember my father, a soldier in 3 Para.  I also now think of my brother, in Afghanistan soon; as well as Iraq and Bosnia before that.

Irrespective of who starts it, these men and women put themselves; literally in the firing line.  So for all men and women past and present, I remember you and the sacrifices that you have made for your countries.  Lets hope the world one day actually learns the lesson, war brings nothing but misery and is only ever won by the bully with the biggest stick.


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