Maelok Pt 2

I’m playing catch up here, as I have been running around the last couple of days; trying to get my car fixed.  That now done, I can bring you up to date with the work on this model.

I have just finished building Maelok, filling in all the gaps between the joints. Next it was onto part one of the basing.

I’d been asked to make it a swamp style of base, so first off I used Vallejo Pumice to give the first layer of detail and texture.

Building two little ‘islands’ where I intend the feet to go. I really like the Vallejo textures, as they can offer a lot of variety to a base.  In this case, the grainy sand makes a great swamp bed; which I will paint over later.  The good thing about these textures is that you don’t even need to prime them.  So onto the next stage, foliage which I started with grasses/reeds. I hate this stuff, as it is a pain to work with; until I found a video on Youtube that makes it easy.

Pinch and twist, dab of glue and you have rushes/reeds ready for your bases. Now I didn’t use all this, but I can always save the rest for another project later.  While the Vallejo paste was still wet, I stuck a couple of smaller pieces into the base. Like the video, I used small clumps rather than one larger clump.  Giving the overall effect of this.

Other than water effect and some other minor touches to be added later, this is what it will roughly look like when finished.


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