PP Insider 10-31-2011 #Warmachine

If your reading this blog, naturally you have an interest in wargaming or gaming in general.  I’ve been doing gaming for many year, but there is always new things to learn; or tricks that make our experience better.

Privateer Press Insider for today, is all about model building; something I have had many frustrating times with.  The model used for this is Lord Exhumator Scaverous, which I have built and actually blogged on this site way back in June.  So to see the professionals do it, was not only brilliant; but showed me a few tricks that I will be using in future.

The first thing I learned was Bone Pinning, something that I had not thought to do.  The reason I never thought of it, was aesthetics and making more work than necessary.  The thought of drilling right through a piece, makes me cringe even thinking about it; it goes against everything I believe.  Seeing the professionals do it, makes me question my irrationality.

The second part is simply Blue Tack.  Sticking a dod of blue tack on the rod, before cutting, is one of those simple ideas; you think your an idiot you didn’t think of it before.  So now I am off to source some blue tack and a dunces cap, seems I will be wearing it for a while.

The Hairy Caber – Scaverous Build

Part 1 & Pt 2

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