Demo Weekend – 12th & 13th November

As part of the anniversary month at Worlds at War, they have arranged a demonstration weekend.  I’ll be on hand both days to show off Warmachine/Hordes, while David will be there demonstrating Malifaux.  We are also hoping to have Pyre Studio’s on one of the days,  showing of a couple of their games.  In my own interests I am looking for them to bring Bushido; which they now stock.  I’ll get those Bushido models finished, I will; before next weekend too.

Anyway, Livingston Battleground are looking at bringing down their new game Warfleet, as well as Battlefleet Gothic.  There will hopefully be Urban Wars along; to show off the revised and updated version of this game.  We should also have space for gamers themselves to bring down games, to show off or teach others the basics.  The point of the weekend, is to bring together gamers; perhaps even show them there are other games out there to try.


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