The Bitter Conflict – 26th November

Worlds at War will be celebrating their 1st anniversary in November.  Frank is looking to have a month of gaming, to celebrate the occasion.  This will include tournaments for Flames of War and Warmachine/Hordes.  We are also looking to arrange a Demo Weekend, where companies like Pyre Studios and Urban War; get to display the games they have on offer.  We will also have the usual WM/H and Malifaux demo’s on hand.

The Bitter Conflict is essentially the WM/H anniversary tournament.  It will be a 50pt event, with 2 casters/locks.  The kicker though, will be that it is 80 minute rounds (10 min turns/5 extension); plus both casters/locks have to be played twice (Divide and Conquer – SR2011 Appendix Rules).  Frank has said we don’t need to rush, as he can lock us in; if that is needed.  Though I think we may need to open the door for the pizza’s.  I’m looking forward to this, even though I can’t play in this now. It should be great fun, to watch massed armies continue the Bitter Conflict at Worlds at War; for another year.

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