Skirmish 2011 Over

This will literally, be a quick appraisal of the day.  It is nearly midnight, I am choked with the cold and have been up since 6am.

Of the original 14 players, 11 players eventually started the event.  Due to various reasons, 3 players were unable attend.  Getting a bye through the rounds wasn’t a problem with most players today; as there were other entertainments on hand.  As well as Malifaux, there was Urban War: Strike Team Actions; as well as City of Prosperity.  There was also the cafe and lots of other events going on.

Having 3 Khador players, running the same lists; was a little amusing for their opponents.  Sadly though, it did cause some match ups; that they had played the same Khador list twice or even 3 times.  That said though, it was a really close contest in the end; with some positions coming down to control points or even points destroyed.  The full list of players and winners is as follows –

  1. Michael Dick
  2. Mark McNaught
  3. John Sinclair
  4. Matt Reid
  5. David Flynn
  6. Kevin ‘Kevnik Joe’ Curran
  7. Ross Harkin
  8. David Brown
  9. Irving Kerr-Smith
  10. John Lynch
  11. Jonathan Mitchell
Overall, it was a great success on so many levels.  First off my first official event as a Press Ganger, went reasonably smoothly; with any problems sorted quickly.  Secondly the charity Erskine and the club Livingston Battleground will benefit from the exposure to a wider audience.  Lastly, Warmachine/Hordes has *already* been asked; to be one of the tournaments at Skirmish… year.  Thanks for that, should go to the players; who made the day look like so much fun.  We gained a lot of interest from people watching, with a couple buying boxsets from Worlds at War.
There are pictures to come, but sadly I am beat more senseless than the wooden spoon winner today.  So they can wait till tomorrow, for now I will leave you with the trophies in all their glory.  Thank you everyone, I had a great day.

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