Malifaux Commissions

Not had time to post these last few days, as I have had some time sensitive commissions for the weekend to be completed.  On Tuesday, I was given two Cyclops Savages from the Skorne Warpack to pin and assemble.  Later I was asked to paint two of the Malifaux models, being used for a demo table at Skirmish this weekend.

In some ways the Savages were the easier of the two, as it was just assembly; no painting required.  That said, I find it very difficult to hold three pieces in place; while trying to make sure they line up correctly.  I appreciate costs and ease of manufacture, but I hate with a passion; having two arms and a weapon as separate pieces.

Anyway it’s done and they are happy with the results.  That was Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday was painting Nicodem and Mortimer from Malifaux.  While I love doing display level models, they are time-consuming; for me personally.  I am sadly a perfectionist, also very critical of my work.  I am not happy with the complete look of Mortimer, though the painting is good.  Nicodem on the other hand, is great; I loved painting this one.

I’ve uploaded the pictures to Battle Dragon’s Photobucket account, the photo’s as usual don’t help; so if you fancy looking at them in person.  They will be on display at Skirmish this weekend.

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