I’m a little upset today, as today is the 3rd anniversary of Rufus passing away. I know sometimes, I come across as being an opinionated bastard.  However that doesn’t mean I can’t be sentimental.

We believe Rufus had his tail run over, by a car.  This naturally caused him pain and he ran, yanking his tail so violently; it caused internal damage. Broken tails are a common injury with cats, but it is treatable; if there is no internal damage. Sadly we took the decision to put him to sleep on 14th October 2008, as the injuries would have meant a slow painful decline in health.

He was a bit of a rogue, so it would be just like him; to go out fighting something like a car.  Where ever he is just now, I am sure he is raising merry hell; with all the ladies fawning over him.  Rufus the Rascal, RIP Pal.


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