Top 5’s

Just because I am taking a break from painting and need something fun to do, here are some Top 5 lists for you to read through.

I’ll start with Top 5 Male Actors, these will be actors I either enjoy watching or admire for their diversity of genres.  No Brad Pitt won’t be in the list, sorry ladies.

  1. Steve Buscemi, he may not look like Brad Pitt; but he has more talent in his little pinkie than Brad Pitt.
  2. Jason Stratham, he is Sylvester Stallone with a brain and acting talent. Sadly he went to Hollywood and has started to churn out the same movie/different title.
  3. Laurence Fishburn, I’ve begun to admire this actor more; since he joined CSI; he brings something Grissom never had – Expressions.
  4. James Earl Jones, I detest Star Wars and I detest how JEJ is only remembered for Star Wars. From Dr. Strangelove & Tarzan in the 60’s to the present day; JEJ’s has covered every genre there is possible.
  5. Robert De Niro, like Earl Jones; genre is no boundary for De Niro.  The man has such a presence that you have to watch him, not many like these days.
Actually I am going to make this list Top 6, by adding in Jackie Chan.  Since the first movie I watched of his (The Young Master), I have been awed by how dedicated he is to his craft.  From his cameo role in Enter the Dragon, with Bruce Lee; Jackie Chan is imo the greatest martial artist actor.  You may agree or disagree, I may even change my mind tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Top 5’s

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on two of your choices. I think Steve Buscemi is an underrated actor. I have liked him since ‘Fargo’ and ‘Ghost World’ and think he is great in ‘Boardwalk Empire’.
    I have also been amazed by Jackie Chan. I loved the first movie I watched with him, ‘Rumble in the Bronx’. I couldn’t believe that he always does all of his own stunts, as some of the ones in that movie were crazy.

    • I am loving Boardwalk Empire, not just because of Steve Buscemi. From everything I’ve read about Buscemi, he is a very down to earth man; which was shown clearly during 9/11 helping the firemen in NY. If you ever get the chance to watch Chan’s movies, before he went to Hollywood; I suggest it wholeheartedly. While the Hollywood films are good, his years of working with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao; are to me the best movies he ever did. The blend of comedy, amazing stunts and high speed martial arts; is unbelievable.

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