Insider 10-12-2011

I am not the type of blogger, to post up every bit of news from Privateer Press; or the gaming world for that matter.  However I will post up things, that I find interesting or feel they are worthy of being passed on.

Today’s PP Insider from Jen Ikuta, is one I would like people to read please. Cancer is a faceless killer, which doesn’t care who it strikes.  However, through research and care, it can be defeated; but that takes money.  At the top of my blog, there is a page for NCBB Breast Cancer Brawl; this Saturday.  Even though the event is over 500 miles away, I have done what I could to help out. It may only be painting a couple of models, but it could potentially mean helping someone to survive this debilitating condition.

Privateer Press support this cause every year, along with Foodmachine; to raise money or donations for these charities.  All I would ask, is that you find out if your local shop/store is doing an event and help out anyway you can. With the way things have fallen this year, it is a little late to be organising anything.  Come next year though, there will be a full on Hardcore fund-raising event for Breast Cancer Brawl and Foodmachine.

I wish Hendybadger and everyone involved on Saturday, all the best and lets hope you raise lots of money for a good cause.

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