Worlds at War 11/10/11

In a change to our regular Thursday night Warmachine/Hordes, we played on a Tuesday instead; just to confuse the Cygnar players.  Just kidding, we did give them advance notice and they duly turned up.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Alan and Tom, from Edinburgh League of Gamers; who come out from Edinburgh to play.  While it looked quiet, it was far from it; which is always a good thing in gaming.  Hearing the cogs turning, can sometimes be off-putting.  Anyway, I played Tom first up; my Cryx against his Retribution of Scyrah.  It was Ravyn v pGaspy, which was quite a close game through the middle part.  Surprisingly, I went second and held back; letting my Stalkers do as much damage as possible; while advancing my McThralls and Biles.  The terrain hampered me a little, with a 1″ wall almost running through the middle of the board.  The Deathjack got hemmed in really well and credit to Tom for containing the beast for most of the game.  Biles did a little damage, while pGaspy took out 80% of the Mage Hunter Assassins on his feat turn.  Then I did my usual and got a little over zealous, charging Gaspy at the back arc of a Phoenix; ignoring Manticore to my own peril as it then charged in for the caster kill.

Taking a 2 minute breather, it was onto play Alan next; with his Cygnar army of ‘Siege’ Brisbane.  Seeing as I hadn’t run him in months, I took out Goreshade.  I have to say, that while I do love running Skarre and Scaverous; Goreshade has that little something to make him special. Blackbanes, 2 x Ripjaws were new additions to the army I ran previously. Taking out the DJ, to allow me to run 2 x Stalkers, alongside the Combine and Warwitch Siren.  Facing me across the board, was as noted Brisbane, Sentinel, Centurion and a Stormclad.  Alan also had two units of Stormblades plus UA on one, WA of the Gunner on the other.   Using the two Stalkers, Siren and Blackbanes to harass the right flank; I aimed to drive Brisbane into a corner.  The difficulty I had, was keeping his heavies off me; while I was advancing with my units and caster.  The Ripjaws did well in this, holding them up until the Combine could get in on the Centurion; wrecking it in the last turn.  Biles did their job perfectly, taking out nearly all the Stormblades on the left flank; while Blackbanes forced the right flank Stormblades; along with Brisbane into the corner I had hoped for in the beginning.  I am not sure if Alan had faced Goreshade before, as he wasn’t aware of Mage Blight; nor the awesomeness of Goreshades feat. Poor Stormclad, was looking down at Goreshade, all alone; no Deathwalker in sight.  When suddenly 6 Bane Thralls pop into sight and start hacking chunks out of his armour.  Not long after that, the Stalkers; taking the long way around charged Brisbane with 3 focus (1 to charge, 2 to boost DMG).

Another great night tonight, against two great players.  If you ever get the chance to go to ELG, get a game with them; I promise a great game.


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