Skirmish 2011

Staying on the theme of Skirmish today, a little update on the Skirmish 2011 event next weekend (22nd).  Speaking to John Fyfe, the president of Battleground Livingston; who are organising the event.  They have confirmed there will not be a Warhammer 40K tournament, due to lack of interest; which is disappointing given the GW community and shop in West Lothian.  However there will still be Flames of War and Warmachine/Hordes tournaments being organised for the day.  Remember this is being sponsored by Worlds at War, who are providing prize support for both tournaments.

I can also add that there will not only be demo’s of Malifaux, but also Urban War; which is a game I forgot to add to my skirmish game list earlier.  Along with traders and lots of gamers, the whole event is looking to be a great day. If you would like to take part in the tournaments, or check out the updated Skirmish 2011 site.  Those wishing to take one of the few remaining places in the 18 player WM/H tournament, drop me an email at

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