KR Multicases

KR Multicases recently updated their website, looking to make it user-friendly. I currently use one of the K-Lite ones, which given my prolific model purchases; has outgrown its capacity.

So in the interested of consumer research, given the previous incarnation of the site; I threw myself into the site and hoped I survived.  First of all the layout is better, where previously it was all about the cases; not the filling.  The site now offers lots of options from choosing a particular case (with new ranges), to buying individual trays for specific systems.  The Games Workshop section, is up to date with a lot of the new Forgeworld models covered.  Other games systems include WM/H, Malifaux and Wyrds new game Puppet Wars.  It even has historical with Flames of War and many of the Warlords ranges covered.  My only critique, which may be my system; is the drop down menu disappears to the right of the screen.  This means you have to scroll to the right, but lose the drop down menu.  In the end I had to use the mouse wheel to see what the full range that was available.

Overall I am happy with the update, it’s a big improvement on the previous one.  Where as before, it was confusing which tray would work best with your models.  The new site already gives you the best options for your army, which cuts down on the confusion.  Now all I have to hope for, is that I can stop buying models long enough to buy a new case.


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