Bushido Update

I thought I better pull my finger out and get some sort of update done for this game.  I haven’t been idle in painting these miniatures, just not very productive recently.

After cleaning up the models, I primed them white.  Normally I use black primer, but as I am doing skin tones; I prefer white.  First up was Jin, the only female model in the group.  Not sure why, but I always like painting female figures.  Even my wife, says I paint them better than any of the male figures; of which she has claimed several of them (eEiryss and Taryn di la Rovissi).  As part of my plan for these models, I was trying to take pictures along the way.  Sadly this fell to the wayside, like the painting did.  However I did get this really nice photo, before I started painting.

From Jin I moved to Yoshio, which I have to admit; I didn’t enjoy painting. Perhaps compared to Jin, he is very static in the pose.  I think having him similar to Jin, might have been better.  My thought is casting costs, to keep the costs down; they made it as simple a design as possible.  Whatever it is, I think it; along with the anemia knocked my painting bug askew.

Next up was Hanso, which I haven’t quite finished yet.  For those of us that paint, there are moments when your busy painting and think WTF!  I had one of those moments with Hanso.  If anyone watches The Apprentice (UK), they will know what Lord Sugar looks like, well now I have Lord Sugar Hanso in my Bushido army.

Hanso has turned out to be a fairly easy job, with lots of big areas.  That said, as you can see I am coming up to the detailed parts and highlighting; so that will take time.  Overall I am happy with the progress, given health issues.  I am even more happy with the colour scheme, which is good considering I wasn’t being inspired at first.

So 3 models down, 2 to go.  Oh and Takashi’s head’s come off, thanks to my cat; thank you very much Pongo.

Nope wasn’t me!


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