Been a little quite this week, still fighting the anemia; plus I have to confess to being distracted.  Last week I mentioned OnLive, the gaming service; where you can play games without owning them.  Well as part of their launch, they were offering a game for £1.  So the newly released WH 40K: Space Marine, yours for a £1.  I believe you could pre-order the likes of Saints Row 3 or eagerly anticipated Deus Ex:, for a £1; but you had to do it before 9th October 2011.

Despite being impressed with how it preformed on my system, I didn’t think Space Marines would be the game for me.  So instead, I have been distracted by a game called Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.  A little more sedate, than Space Marines, it reminded me of a game I loved many years ago – Thief.  Anyone who remembers this series, will see why Assassin’s Creed would appeal to me.  I admit that I haven’t played much of it, but what I have played; the story seems well written. It also has that creative narrative RPG feel to the game play, which other games seem to lack these days. I am sure Space Marines is a great game, but running about shooting Orkz all day; sounds positively boring.


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