Gaming Awesomeness

You’re probably thinking that I am about to announce something spectacular or amazing from the gaming world.  In truth, I am only here to praise the big hearts of Privateer Press, Warmachine/Hordes players and Press Gangers around the world; who have come together to help a 15 yo boy called Vince.

Vince is an avid Cygnar player, his dad is a Press Ganger in Belgium; only problem Vince has Cystic Fibrosis.  Due to poor health, Vince is now facing a double lung transplant.  Vince’s dad, just wanted messages for his son to read, willing him to keep fighting.  The response from both Privateer Press, Press Gangers and WM/H players all over the world; has been phenomenal.

Hundreds of messages, as well as offers of models both unpainted and painted; have been flooding in since the request was made.  I know from personal experience, that something like this; can lift the spirits of a child facing major surgery.  So to everyone who has sent messages or donations, thank you from one gamer to another.

Vince’s Request


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