Replica Warmachine Weapons

Privateer Press have just announced a licensing deal with Artyfakes Action Props, to produce life-size replicas of the weapons from Warmachine/Hordes. Way back at Gencon, this was revealed; but it is just now they are making it official.

Starting off with Commander Stryker’s, Quicksilver sword; which from speaking to the maker through the Facebook pages; should retail about $300 (£200).  Now that may seem steep, but consider these are (I believe) all hand-made; life-size replica weapons.  Quicksilver is 6’3″ long from hilt to blade tip, with a lot of work and detail.  So will I be buying one, not Quicksilver; that would seriously go against my Cryxian necrotic blood.  Perhaps Goreshade’s Bloodcleaver or Asphyxious’ Daeamortus, then I’ll be saving my pennies like mad.


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