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I happened to see an article on Digital Spy, concerning this new gaming service.  Essentially, OnLive is cloud computer gaming.  Players do not need to own the game, or have that high-end spec computer to play games like the new Space Marines.

My comments on Digital Spy, pointed out several flaws with this service. Most important, is the fact that you would need a good constant broadband connection.  Without it, this service is useless to you.  They say it will run games like Space Marines on high res graphics, with as little as 2mb service. Frankly, even with 20mb service; the graphics were blocky and laggy. However, that is not to say the game was unplayable, I used the free trial period of my account to play Space Marines.

To be honest, I was quite impressed with how good it was.  I was really skeptical before I even tried to play, especially as I am running through a wi-fi connection; plus my system hasn’t been updated in about 5 years.  That is why I wanted to really test the system, with a game like Space Marine (lots of action = intense graphics processing).

OnLive are offering your first game for £1, full access; unlimited play of that game.  After that, you can buy individual games or subscribe for £6.99 a month for unlimited play.  So would I buy Space Marines with my £1, answer is no. It’s nothing to do with being GW related, it’s because I SUCK at FPS games.


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