Geek Out – Warmachine & Hordes

People that read this blog, tend to be players of what I think; the best wargame ever – Warmachine & Hordes.  I know this is subjective, some players will give others; but this is just my own opinion.

I learned of WM/H over a year ago, while visiting the Games Expo in Birmingham.  I can’t say why I was attracted to it, I admit that I am not a wargamer; so to find something to rival my love of Battletech is something special.  So why is it so special?

I’ve heard stories of other games, where something is overpowered or over priced; or very limited use.  WM/H is a very balanced game, where no one model is better than another.  How they achieve this, is very clever and ingenious.  Each model has abilities, that may only work in certain conditions.  Cryx, my faction; tends to have a lot of ‘kill living models, gain X’ effects.  So what looks like uber-powerful model A, could potentially be negated by another seemingly uber-powerful model B; so there are in reality no uber-powerful models.  The game balances pluses, against negatives; which is mind boggling when you consider 10 different factions.

I guess I should explain, that Warmachine and Hordes are actually two different systems; that can be played against each other.  How does this work? Again clever ingenuity.  While the games are almost identical, there are some big differences.  WM uses a Focus, while Hordes uses Fury.  The easiest way to think about it, is this – Focus is magic, Fury is life force. Factions like Menoth, Cygnar, Cryx; gain their magical abilities from their gods; like Clerics in D&D.  Factions in Hordes, manipulate the life essence of beasts under their control.  So they can steal life essence, but they can also use the life essence; to ‘force’ the beast to do what the Warlock desires.

You’ve probably gathered from this, that I have a real passion for the game; which I could never deny.  Given this, I applied to become a Press Ganger for Privateer Press in February.  Which I am delighted to say, was approved on Tuesday; by Jen Ikuta, Quartermaster of Privateer Press.


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