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My Geek Out today, is all about my love of Role Playing Games; or RPG’s for short.  Like many gamers my age, I started out with the Father of all RPG’s; Dungeons and Dragons.  D&D Red Box, was my first memory of gaming. Sitting in the Home Economics or Science buildings in Inverkeithing High School at lunch time, rolling dice and visiting distant lands.  Amazingly, I still have a single miscast d4 from back then; which makes it over 30 years old.

Over the decades, I have played many RPG’s and tried umpteen different systems.  For me it’s not the dice, the combat or the escapism; it’s all about belonging to something unique.  There are more positive things out of RPG’s, than there are negatives.  Name me one sport, hobby or past time; that requires the following skills in a person.

  • Social Skills – whether playing the role of your character, or speaking to your fellow gamers; how you interact with people is important.
  • Mathematics – to be able to play an RPG, you have to have some basic maths skills.  Working out that 2d6, has an average of 7; can be important.
  • Money Handling – I’m not talking about Real Life money, more in game money.  An adventurer knows the cost of the sword he wants, but knows he could save money by trading in the loot he gained in the last dungeon.  A lost skill, is Haggling; which surprisingly is legal to do in UK.
  • Language Skills – In order to role play, you have to be able to communicate in something resembling the local language.  While I am not fluent in Klingon or Elvish; speaking English to the GM helps a great deal.
  • Problem Solving – Ah the ubiquitous riddles and puzzles, that the GM throws at the party; in the vain hope of killing one of us.
  • Literacy/Imagination – I’ve combined these two, as there are many gamers (like me) that like to really create their characters.  They may write a background, journal or even blog about their parties adventures.  All of those I have done for two particular characters I ran, maybe one day I’ll post it here on my blog.
These are just the ones off the top of my head, there are many more that I could add; like painting, modeling (miniatures) or hand crafts.  All this goes to making RPG’s a great world for me.  I honestly don’t think I would have had as much fun in life, without discovering Role Playing Games.  Thank you Gary Gygax, for opening up a world of possibilities and dreams.

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