Fluff v In – Game

A recent thread on the PP forums, asked the question of how in game effects; specifically boosting would be written into the fluff stories.

As someone that enjoys creative writing, I thought this was a great question; one that I would put my creative skills to the test with.  My first problem, was how to convey something; that potentially has a good or bad result.  Boosting a roll in WM/H doesn’t always mean you will succeed.  First thing to do, was break it down into what it meant.  Boosting is just that, an increase of ‘something’ to make it more powerful/accurate.  With guns, this could be a really accurate shot, aimed at a specific point (heart).  The shot flying straight and true, would convey the boosted attack; that nothing was going to stop this bullet hitting it’s target.  Exploding chests, surprise at being hit or the bullet passing straight through causing a fountain of blood; are many ways to describe the lethality of boosted damage.

Instead I came up with this little passage, which I’ll leave you to decide; which part is boosted attack and which is boosted damage?

Deneghra sensed the sounds of the battlefield receeding, as the channeled her consciousness into the Defiler. In the split second transition from her body to that of the bonejack, silence reigned; a chilling calmness that seemed to last forever.

Screams filled the air, explosions and detonations causing a cacophony of sound to blast the senses of Deneghra as she orientated herself once more.  Mentally shaking her head she gained her bearings, her focus falling on the advancing Stormblades. Narrowing her vision to a single focal point, right between the eyes of the lead soldier; she drew on the power gifted to her by the Dragonfather. ‘Time to die’ she hissed, as she released the full pent up fury of her power; almost overloading her screaming senses. When her vision cleared, she was once again on the hilltop; looking down on the location where the Stormblades were. All that remained now, was a steaming pile of necrotic sludge.


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