Speak Out With Your Geek Out

Some people will have heard the history of why this week is Speak Out With Your Geek Out.  The world before the internet was full of nerds/geeks v jocks, from that stereotyping of both groups emerged.  Last month a female journalist, for whatever reason (monetary gain is popular answer); decided to bait the whole internet with a frankly insulting and derogatory shot at Geeks & Nerds.

This isn’t the 70’s, when computers are just being nurtured into life; when geekhood was at its most prolific.  When D&D was the biggest game around, or computer gaming was just a dream in Bill Gates/Steve Jobs eyes.  The internet is something connected with the military, during the Cold War era. This is the 21st century, where geeks and nerds have taken over the world; without firing a bullet.

Just sit there a moment and look around you, look at what people like us have created; built and brought to life.  Computers, monitors, lights, radio super glue, photography; this is what is in front of just me. The list is endless of achievements of people who were laughed at or derided for being a dreamer.  We didn’t call ourselves geeks or nerds, society gave us that name.  As a geek I wear that name with pride, because of what we have contributed to society; despite being mocked and ridiculed.  So two fingers to you society, without us you would still be living in caves and trying to keep warm; without fire.


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