Taking the piss

I really shouldn’t be posting this up, but I am going to anyway; because I need somewhere to vent my frustrations.

I am sure there are many companies out there in the world, that have a wonderful product; one that makes millions of people happy.  It may also be, the company listens to those customers, responding to there needs and requirements.  If your really lucky, their customer service will be second to none; providing a timely response to any communication received.

Right at this moment, I wish I knew a company like that.  The only one I can think of is Worlds at War, my local gaming shop.  They have done everything possible in the last year, to provide the products and services needed to make Warmachine/Hordes the big success it has become.  I really wish I could say the same about the company that makes Warmachine/Hordes.  Don’t get me wrong, Privateer Press have responded tremendously to the rapid expansion of MkII; having to upscale production nearly 100%.  Sadly this has let other area’s of the business fall away, namely customer service.

Anyone who has followed this blog, will know that I have applied for PG statue in February this year.  To date, I have sent a total of 5 emails to Privateer Press; 3 from home, 2 through the Contact form on the PP site (one was concerning logo’s on trophies).  I have had zero communication in return, even from the form emails on the PP site.  My last email was sent 3 days ago, to 3 different email boxes related to Privateer Press.  One of them was Jen Ikuta herself, who I believe has overall control of these issues.  I don’t like ultimatums, they serve no purpose and one party usually loses out more than the other.  So, I am stating here and now; I am no longer willing to pursue this any further; after Sunday.  I have neither the patience or time to devote to this anymore, as the WM/H group in West Lothian deserve something better than “I’m still waiting to find out”. Come Monday, any tournaments/events I organise; will be credited to Worlds at War.

I really sad about this, I love game; I even love the community and how the company do listen to the players on their forums.  It’s just sad that this one thing, tarnishes the company so badly; yet is so easily solved.


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