Bushido Ordered

Samurai in complete armour

Image via Wikipedia

As the title states, I placed my order for a Bushido: The Game box set this morning.  I have decided on the Prefecturate of Ryu, as the first set I buy of this game.  The main reason for this, is I have always had a thing for Japan and particularly the Samurai.  It’s the only reason I got back into CCG’s, when I started playing Legend of the Five Rings.

It is my hope that Bushido, is a game that embodies everything I could ever want in a wargame.  Oriental based, small skirmish and fantastic models; with a rules set that looks easy to pick up.  So far it is ticking all those boxes, we will have to see what the end product is like; when it arrives in a few days.  I’ll be doing a box opening, when it arrives; blogging from delivery to fully painted set.

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