BatRep – 25pt Ravyn v pDenny

I actually did manage to get to the shop today.  After watching Billy and Jonathan play, I took on the winner Jonathan.

Due to time constraints, we played only a 25pt game with the following lists.

  • Ravyn
  • Phoenix
  • Stormfall Archers (4)
  • Dawnguard Invictors
  • Houseguard Halbardiers (10) + Soulless Escort UA
  • Ghost Sniper
  • pDenny
  • Deathripper
  • Nightwretch
  • Nightwretch
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Warwitch Siren
  • McThralls (6)
  • Bile Thralls (6)
  • Withershadow Combine (3)
This was the first tryout for the Combine, which I like already.  Their combined abilities (Stealth & Upkeep) make these three a great addition to Denny.
Retribution went first, deploying with Phoenix on my left flank; along with the Ghost Sniper.  Right flank was the main body of this forces, with the Halbardiers to the fore.  I deployed the standard Cryx infantry formation, McThralls to the front; Bile behind.  Left flank was the jack front, with all three jacks deploying just in front of Denny.  My main task was to hold off his infantry for as long as possible, this didn’t go too well after pushing one of the Wretches too far up field on turn one.  The Phoenix on the other hand, did suffer Crippling Grasp; through an arc node.  Using Admonia’s upkeep ability, I kept he Phoenix jammed up; in subsequent turns.
Turn 2 saw all but one of the McThralls wiped out, along with the Nightwretch I had pushed to far.  Thankfully the Biles, with some good placements, wiped out all the Halbardiers with just 3 Biles lost.  On the left flank, the two remaining bonejacks; were taken out.  Denny foolishly had moved up in prep for her feat turn, only to be tagged by the Phoenix.  Overall turn two, was a poor result for me; despite clearing out the Halbardiers.
Turn 3 saw the tides of battle starting to turn, under Denny’s feat turn the Combine wailed hard on the Phoenix.  Charging, they were 4 dice on the damage rolls; due to Dismantle.  Taking it out, kicked in the Dark Industries Granted ability.  On came the Slayer, ready to do battle next turn.  I know normally, most players would use a Seether; but I was being kind to my opponent.  The setup for this, was Denny putting herself within striking distance of the Phoenix the previous turn.  With Parry, she just scooted free and allowed the Combine a straight run on the Phoenix.  Denny took out some of the Invictors; with Influence of all things.  The Invictors had wiped out the remaining Biles on his turn, leaving the right flank exposed.
Turn 4 I sensed victory, but nearly blew it completely.  Having exposed Denny on the right flank, Ravyn was free to charge her with full focus; minus the spell that allows boosted attacks/dmg.  Even camping a couple of focus, was only just enough to save her.  Though we did discuss this later, as Jonathan forgot Ravyn has Virtuoso; so would have had another attack available.
Overall I am happy with how it went, especially the Combine.  I was a little wary of them at first, not knowing how to work the three models together.  I can see why they work well with Scaverous, so will probably try them with Scavvy next.

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