Job Round-Up

Today has been a day of getting those jobs done, that needed doing.  From getting the cat booked into the vets, to sorting out my cardiology appointments; it got sorted today.

You don’t visit the blog to know my personal life, your here for the Warmachine/Hordes.  So the news on that front, is a job I have held off on doing.  This morning I sent an email to Jen and Mike, the Quartermasters of Privateer Press.  Having worked in Customer Service, I know a polite and respectful tone; worked better with me than to shout abuse.  As such any dealings I have with Customer Services, is always polite and respectful.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t like sending this email; as I am not one to harass people. However I felt it was required, given the length of time and lack of any kind of response from Privateer Press to my enquiries.

That to me is the most frustrating part, no communication.  Any kind of relationship is built on 3 things – Trust, Understanding and Communication. Without any one of those things, the relationship breaks down.  At the moment I lack the understanding of why there is a delay; because there is no communication.  That in turn is eroding my trust in Privateer Press, to the point of not caring either way; as it won’t change what I do at my LGS.

I love the game, I understand PP are stretched to the limit with a massive explosion in popularity; but even an automated message costs nothing.  It acknowledges that you are there, even if you can’t answer right away.  All I want is a Yay or Nay, either way WM/H’s will still be my game of choice.


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