Tired, about to fall asleep; but very satisfied with the day.  12 players eventually kicked off the Worlds at War Steamroller, from the initial 16 scheduled to play. Through various reasons we ended up with 13 players, where Billy (feeling unwell) agreed to step out to make even numbers.

Being a non-player for the day is hard, as there is this need to want to play or get involved in the action.  Overall, the day went smoothly; with very little ruling needed.  The level of play was tremendous, which I had the pleasure to watch from the outside.  After 4 rounds, some close games; the final standings were as follows:

1. Jim Lawrence (Circle of Orobos)
2. Michael Murray (Skorne)
3. Kevin Curran (Khador)
4. Mark McKinlay (Cryx)
5. Stuart Walker (Cygnar)
6. James Stevenson (Cygnar)
7. John Sinclair (Minions – Blindwater Congregation)
8. Barry Kelly (Menoth)
9. Neil K (Menoth)
10. Allan Mitchell (Cygnar)
11. Jonathan Mitchell (Retribution of Scyrah)
12. David Kerr-Smith (Menoth)

I want to thank everyone who came along, made the day great and showed why the scene in Scotland is so great.  Photo’s will follow, so look out for those tomorrow.  Plans are in the works for a Mangled Metal/Tooth&Claw next time, just try something different.  Before that though, we will have another big tournament called Skirmish 2011.


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