6 months and 3 days….

22 February 2011, I sent off my application for Press Ganger status.  In that time I have run 2 successful tournaments, attended as a player at 4 more and brought our regular WM/H group up to double figures.

As our biggest tournament looms, I reflect on the work that I have already put in; without official backing wondering if I really need it now?  Our player base is growing almost monthly, with players even coming out from Edinburgh to play on our regular Thursday nights.  We have gone from 10 players (out of 12) at our first tournament; to a full house 16 players planned to attend on Saturday.

So you would think that I have given up on this accolade of being a Press Ganger, given the rewards I have already managed on my own.  Far from it, I do this for the love of the game, the company that provides it; as well as the wonderful people I have met/spoken too so far.  If I had know what Vishal Odedra had got me started onto last year in Birmingham, I would have bowed at his feet in the utmost respect.  I would also hope he was a little proud, of the Mad Scottish pupil he taught that day.


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